You may require a Notary Public

If you are submitting a document to another country you may have been asked to have the document(s) certified by a Notary Public as opposed to a Commissioner For Oaths. The Notary Public is generally a solicitor however there are other routes to becoming a Notary which can be found on the Notaries Society web site. In the United States a Notary is appointed by a State Government and the following link gives more detail.The majority of Notaries in the United States are not regulated which reflects the fact that there are in excess of 4 million Notaries in America as opposed to just over 700 in England & Wales and around 1,200 in Australia.

A notary, in almost all common law jurisdictions (other than most of North America), is a legal practitioner trained in the drafting and execution of legal documents. Notaries record matters of judicial importance as well as private transactions or events where an officially authenticated record or a document drawn up with professional skill or knowledge was required. The functions of notaries specifically include the preparation of certain types of documents (including international contracts, deeds, wills, and powers of attorney) and certification of their due execution, administering of oaths, witnessing affidavits and statutory declarations, certification of copy documents and much more. This explanation is outlined by the National Directory of Public Notaries in Australia and you can find a Notary Public in Australia through their link:

If all that you require is for a Notary Public to witness your signature and verify your identity, then the cost currently varies between £60 and £120 plus VAT. You can find a list of Notaries on the Notaries Society web site at the following link .

A Notary Public has his or her own unique Seal which they will apply to the document(s), that have to be Notarised, alongside their signature.For example in the United Kingdom, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office hold a register of the Seals and Signatures for each Notary Public registered in England and Wales. It may well be that the Seal and Signature have to be authenticated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in which case they will issue a certificate known as an Apostille. There is a charge for this service, on top of the fees charged by the Notary Public.

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