Spanish Matters

Missing Asset Services Worldwide

Spanish MattersOur Associate company in Spain is Tce, sl and they manage claims for Citizens and Residents of Spain and other Spanish speaking Nations including the Ex-Patriot Communities.

The Principal Officer at Tce, sl is Salvador Carrasco who has been advising companies and individuals for more than 30 years (University of Barcelona degree in Economics and post-graduate at University of Edinburgh, Scotland). Tce, sl has a team of experienced economists and lawyers.

In addition to managing claims Tce, sl provide the following:

  • Legal and Accounting services including Contracts and Tax Advice.
  • Property issues including Bank repossessions and other distressed property matters.
  • Insurances such as Accident, Home, Life and Vehicle requirements.

You can either contact Tce, sl through our office or direct:

Tce, sl
C/. Can Pantiquet, 34-36,
08100 Mollett Des Valles,

Tel: +34 93 593 71 56
Fax: +34 93 570 63 64