Proving that you lived at a previous address

If you do not have any original documents confirming a previous address it can be an obstacle when you are trying to prove that you did live there.

There are a number of ways that you can obtain proof and the following may help:

  • If you were registered to vote, when you were at that address, then contact the local authority for the area in which you were registered. They should have details on their archive and can send confirmation to you.
  • If you owned the property then you should be able to check the Land Registry,  you will then be able to see what information is available, although there is a charge for a copy a document such as the ‘Title Register’ which is currently £3.
  • If the property was sold, you may also be able to contact the Conveyancing Solicitors who dealt with the sale and they may still have a record and therefore provide you with proof.
  • If you rented the property, then you can request confirmation from the Landlord or Letting Agent.
  • If you had a bank account or credit card registered to that address, then contact the bank or credit card provider. Likewise, if you had a mobile phone contract registered to the address, then they too maybe able to assist.

Try to always keep an original document linking you to every address that you have lived at as you never know when it may be needed.