We have contacted you because..

We have identified assets due to a Company, an individual or a beneficiary and have contacted you as this maybe your asset.

Depending upon the country or jurisdiction in which the asset is registered, the registered holder of the asset such as a Bank, Depositor, Insurance Company or Share Registrar may have been required to make contact with you. The period of dormancy that triggers such an event varies from country to country and even between Provinces and States in the same country. In The United States this can be 12 months with a further 6 months to enable contact, in Australia it can be 3 years and the new Big Society Bank in the United Kingdom involves accounts that have been dormant for 15 years or more.

It may well be that you have simply moved address, not received or not responded to the communication from the holder and they have therefore assumed that the asset or assets have been abandoned. Alternatively the registered owner may have died and therefore the Beneficiaries and or Executors may not be aware of the asset(s)

How did Missing Asset Services Worldwide find me?

Missing Asset Services Worldwide Ltd subscribes to various databases globally as well as other local records. Furthermore, several of our investigators are retired Police Officers who enable us to locate owners and beneficiaries around the world utilising thorough research and diligence.

What are the costs involved?

Our fees are based on a success only percentage of whatever we recover for you and how we are paid depends upon the country or jurisdiction. If for example we are recovering funds from the State of California, the State will pay to us a fee of 10% at the same time as they make the payment of 90% to you. In other Countries they will pay the owner or beneficiary the full 100% and then we will submit our invoice for settlement by the owner or beneficiary at that time.

Generally the only other cost that you may incur is when a document needs to be witnessed by a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths. Some jurisdictions will accept documents witnessed by a professional person such as an Accountant, a Doctor, Pharmacist or Police Officer and we will advise you of the requirement in our covering instruction letter. If it is necessary to obtain a copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate or even a Court copy of a Grant of Probate and Will (or equivalent), then we will purchase them on your behalf and pass on the cost to you once you have received your funds.

What happens next?

We prepare all the documentation and forward them to you. Once we receive the completed documentation we deliver the claim by courier to the Holder of the asset. We then regularly update you as to the progress of your claim.

The time taken to complete the claim depends upon the Country or Jurisdiction in which the asset is held and what type of asset it is. In the United States of America this can vary from 30 days to 180 days for cash deposits and an additional period for other assets such as Shares and Safe Deposit Boxes. In other Countries it can vary from 30 days to 90 days however we will always advise you prior to submitting your claim.

Why use Missing Asset Services Worldwide?

  • Our teams have been working in this field for over 20 years and have successfully acted for our clients in recovering assets valued from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, pounds or other currencies.
  • Our clients range from students who went back packing in their Gap year, Companies (including owners of dissolved companies), Executors, Beneficiaries of a Deceased Estate to household names in the Film and Music Industry.
  • If the asset is due to a Deceased’s Estate we frequently assist in dealing with the legal and tax requirements in a foreign jurisdiction. For example the Grant of Probate issued in one country may not be accepted in another or where a Tax Clearance Certificate is required from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in the United States of America.
  • Providing the best possible service to our clients is our priority.
  • We treat all client information in the strictest confidence and it is securely stored. Any original documentation that is returned to us is forwarded back to our client or destroyed as per their instructions.
  • All of our computer systems are encrypted with The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. The US Committee on National Security Systems defines the strength of AES-256 as sufficient to protect classified US Government information up to the Top Secret level.